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ODR (On Demand Routing)   2nd  
OL (Overload) bit  
OLE_LINK1   2nd   3rd  
On Demand Routing (ODR)   2nd  
Open Shortest Path First   [See OSPF]
open standards  
       EIGRP   2nd  
       multiple area OSPF   2nd  
       IP address space   2nd   3rd  
optional commands
       for configuring OSPF on internal routers   2nd   3rd   4th  
       OSPF   2nd  
ordinary areas  
Originator-ID attribute  
       checking configurations on a single router  
               show ip ospf database  
               show ip ospf interface   2nd  
               show ip ospf neighbor   2nd  
               show ip protocols   2nd  
               show ip route  
       commands for stub areas  
       configuration commands for multiarea networks   2nd  
               troubleshooting   2nd  
               verifying   2nd  
       configuring   2nd  
               in NBMA mode   2nd  
       configuring default metric  
       configuring in point-to-multipoint mode   2nd  
       configuring on internal routers   2nd  
               network command   2nd   3rd  
               options for   2nd   3rd  
       configuring virtual links  
       convergence   2nd  
               deploying   2nd  
               planning transitions  
               verifying transitions  
       hello protocol  
               choosing topologies  
               Frame Relay topologies  
               adjacent neighbors  
               designated routers   2nd  
               finding with exchange process   2nd  
               hello packets  
       network topologies  
               broadcast multiaccess  
       network topologoies
               virtual links   2nd  
       routing protocol
       routing tables
               building   2nd  
               building routing tables on new OSPF routers  
               building SPF  
               choosing SPF  
               learning new routes   2nd  
               topology databases  
               updating topology tables  
       show ip ospf border-routers  
       show ip ospf virtual-links   2nd  
       topology databases
       totally stubby areas  
       versus Integrated IS-IS   2nd   3rd   4th  
OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)  
       configuring   2nd  
               broadcast mode  
               Frame Relay   2nd  
               NBMA   2nd  
               options   2nd  
               point-to-multipoint mode   2nd  
               single routers   2nd  
               troubleshooting   2nd   3rd   4th  
       fundamentals of  
       in single areas   2nd  
       link-state routing protocols  
       multiple area   2nd  
               design   2nd  
               operations   2nd  
       topologies   2nd  
OSPF (Open Shrtest Path First)
       fundamentals of  
ospf auto-cost  
ospf neighbor command  
Outgoing Interface field  


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