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NAT   2nd  
       features of   2nd   3rd  
NAT (Network Address Translation)   2nd  
       IPv6   2nd  
       Frame Relay
               broadcast Integrated IS-IS  
               configuring OSPF   2nd  
       multiple area OSPF over  
               choosing topologies  
               configuring   2nd  
               Frame Relay topologies  
               network topologies  
NBMA (nonbroadcast multiaccess network)  
NBMA clouds, configuring bandwidth  
neighbor command  
neighbor tables
       number of per router  
       OSPF   2nd  
               adjacent neighbors  
               designated routers   2nd  
               finding with exchange process   2nd  
               hello packets  
NET addresses   2nd  
NETs (network entity titles)   2nd  
Network Address Translation   [See NAT]
network command   2nd  
               configuring on internal routers   2nd   3rd  
Network field  
       routing tables   2nd  
network topologies
network traffic
               null interfaces  
       addresses   2nd   3rd  
               bit allocation  
               translating   2nd  
       broadcast multiaccess  
               scaling networks  
               hierarchical designs   2nd  
               scaling to reduce congestion  
       definitions of  
       discontiguous networks   [See discontiguous networks]
                components (EIGRP)   2nd  
               design (EIGRP)   2nd  
               EIGRP   2nd  
               features (EIGRP)   2nd  
               operation (EIGRP)   2nd  
       hiding changes
       hierarchical designs  
               Access layer  
               Core layer  
               Distribution layer  
               rules for each layer  
               configuring   2nd  
               requirements   2nd  
               verifying   2nd  
               design criteria for   2nd  
               subnetting   2nd  
       link-state routing protocols   2nd  
               broadcast multiaccess  
               virtual links   2nd  
       topology tables
               null interfaces  
       types of
               OSPF identification of   2nd  
Next Logical Hop field
       routing tables  
next-hop addresses
next-hop attribute
no ip address  
no ip classless command  
nonbroadcast multiaccess   [See NBMA]
NPDUs (network protocol data units)   2nd  
NSAP (network service access point)  
NSEL (network selector)  
null interfaces  
       controlling routing updates  
       internet example  
       intranet example  
       reducing network traffic  
       process- numbers  


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