One of the most important groups in the field of labor rights, of course, is the International Labor Organization, an agency of the United Nations and a strong advocate of labor standards and principles worldwide. Originally established to help cope with the crisis of labor conditions ( injustice, hardship and privation ) in 1919 following World War I, the ILO became the UN s first specialized agency in 1946. In 1998 they adopted the Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at work, which today sets the standard for employment rights throughout the world.

ILO principles and recommendations cover a broad range of laborrelated issues such as the right to organize, freedom of association, equality of opportunity, and worker health and safety rights, including elimination of forced or compulsory labor and abolition of child labor. Although primarily a forum for national governments , they also provide technical assistance to member nations and provide an inspection service for investigating human rights and labor violations. [1 ]

[1 ] See www.ilo.org.

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Supply Chain Imperative, The: How to Ensure Ethical Behavior in Your Global Suppliers
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