Chapter 7. Routing and Remote Access Service, VPN, and Firewalls


  • Routing and Remote Access Service Basics

  • Using the RRAS Firewall

  • Remote Access Basics

  • Configuring Remote Access

  • Troubleshooting Routing and Remote Access Issues

The Routing and Remote Access service (RRAS) is a vital component of Small Business Server 2003. The role of this service has been expanded from previous versions to provide new functionality that greatly improves security. Also, new wizards are available to automatically configure many aspects of remote access. These improvements are not limited only to the server portion but also to the client configuration as well.

In this chapter you learn the fundamentals of the RRAS along with examples on how to configure the most common options. Also, detailed information on accessing your server remotely is presented to give you some insight on the different methods available and when to use them.

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed
Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed
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