Section 2.1. Introduction

2.1. Introduction

Installing ESX is actually quite easy. Different installation methods exist (the trickiest being the scripted method), but overall ESX Server installation is straightforward. The pre-installation and post-installation requirements take the most time, however. In this chapter, we'll walk through the GUI-based installation method for loading ESX 2.5 as well as the tasks you need to perform before you install ESX and afterward. We'll also cover what you need to do if you run into problems during or after your installation.

Configuring & Implementing…
Methods of Installing ESX Server

There are three main ways to install ESX Server. We'll be discussing the graphical-based installation method in detail, but there are also the command-line and scripted methods for installing ESX Server. For more information on these methods, see the VMware ESX Server 2.5 Installation Guide at

You should also review and become familiar with the Discussion Forum for setting up ESX Server at

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