Chapter 10: Using OLE in SASAF Software

About OLE

OLE is a means of integrating multiple sources of information from different applications into a unified document. These objects can include text, graphics, charts , sound, video clips, and much more.

OLE 1.0, which the SAS has supported since Release 6.08, allowed you to link and embed OLE objects into SAS/AF FRAME entries and SAS/EIS applications. OLE 2.0, which SAS 9.1 supports, provides many new features that you can use to enhance your SAS/AF frames and SAS/EIS applications.

Note: SAS under Windows (and OLE 2.0 in general) still supports all the features from OLE 1.0.

SAS can function as an object container or client . The applications that create (and update) the objects you place in a FRAME entry are known as servers . You can also use SAS as a server from within other applications through OLE automation. For more information, see Chapter 11, Controlling SAS from Another Application Using OLE, on page 265 .

For more information about OLE in general, see the documentation for the Windows operating environment. For descriptions of the error messages you might receive while using OLE features in SAS/AF software, see Using OLE on page 600.

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