It's a cliché that no one produces a book alone—it's very much a team process. Clichés, however, persist because they're so often true. Many people contributed to both the composition and construction of this book. To begin at the beginning:

Thanks to acquisitions editor David Clark and our agent, David Rogelberg, for their unflagging work and support throughout this project. From the earliest discussions through the last desperate hours, they were there. We are truly grateful. Thanks also to Anne Hamilton, acquisitions manager, who rode to the rescue more than once.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the team at Microsoft Press including Anne Hamilton, Casey Doyle, and Jeff Koch. We are truly thankful for our project editor Karen Szall, who has been a remarkable oasis of calm inside the whirlwind. (Perhaps she goes home and abuses her goldfish—but we saw only unruffled professionalism on the job.) Thanks also to copy editor Teresa Horton and to technical editor Nick Cavalancia. It was their task to read and correct every page of manuscript while retaining both a broad overview and their sanity. They seem to have managed both. Needless to say, any errors that remain are the result of the authors' pigheadedness.

We also appreciate the contributions made by other talented members of the production team from nSight, Inc.: Kristen Ford, project manager; Patty Fagan, desktop publisher and artist; Jacqueline Fearer, proofreader; and Jack Lewis, indexer.

As always, Sharon and Charlie thank Dianne King and the late Dr. Rudolph S. Langer, who gave us the chance of a lifetime. And Jason would like to thank Don and Sue Gerend for encouraging him in computers and writing, as well as always believing in him.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Administrator's Companion
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Administrators Companion
ISBN: 0735617856
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 320

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