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The protocol and program used to log on from one Internet site to another. The Telnet protocol/program gets you to the logon prompt of another host.


A device that allows you to send commands to another computer. At a minimum, this usually means a keyboard, a display screen, and network connectivity. You usually use terminal software in a personal computer—the software pretends to be, or emulates, a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to another computer.


An executable entity that belongs to one (and only one) process. In a multitasking environment, a single program can contain several threads, all running at the same time.


A configured baseline. When a counter falls above or below the baseline, an action is triggered.

Token ring

A type of computer network in which the computers are connected in a ring. A token, which is a special bit pattern, travels around the ring. To communicate to another computer, a computer catches the token and attaches a message to it, and the token continues around the network, dropping off the message at the designated location.

Trace log

Record of data monitoring for a specific event, such as page faults.

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

A set of protocols that networks on the Internet use to communicate with one another.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Protocol assuring privacy and data reliability between client/server applications communicating over the Internet.


A tree in Active Directory is just an extension of the idea of a directory tree. It’s a hierarchy of objects and containers that demonstrates how objects are connected, or the path from one object to another. End points on the tree are usually objects.

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