Differences Between Servers and Clients

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Even though the underlying hardware for clients and servers in a Windows Small Business Server network is similar, the operating systems they run and the roles they must play are quite different.

Servers Use Network Operating Systems

Because the Windows Small Business Server has to supply services to as many as 75 users, and you’re depending on it to run your business, a high-powered, robust operating system and highly reliable hardware are essential. When your users are relying on a server to get their work done and keep your business running, you certainly don’t want frequent failures—you don’t even want to have to reboot!

In addition to supplying print, file, or other services, the network operating system has to provide network security. Different businesses and organizations have varying security needs but all must have some level of data protection, so the system must offer a range of configurable security levels, from the relatively non-intrusive to the very stringent.

Clients Use Workstation Operating Systems

Like other computers, client machines on a network need an operating system. However, a client operating system doesn’t need to be as sturdy as the operating system running on a server. Rebooting a workstation can be a pain for the user but doesn’t usually disrupt anyone else’s work.

A client machine also doesn’t require as robust a built-in security system as a server because security is provided by the network operating system and managed by the server. However, the more advanced the client operating system is, the better it is at “cooperating” with the network operating system in areas of security and sharing over the network.

On a Windows Small Business Server network, clients can run Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT Workstation, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, and Microsoft Windows XP Professional as their supported operating systems.

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