Lesson12.Creating Unique Music for Your Projects

Lesson 12. Creating Unique Music for Your Projects

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Approximately 90 minutes


Learn how to build an original music track from prebuilt instrument loops

Adjust the length of loops

Adjust the relative volume of tracks for a balanced mix

Export custom music to iTunes and place it in your videos

Creating new music is a great deal more challenging (and can be more rewarding) than loading your CDs into iTunes and listening to them on your iPod. GarageBand, an application in the iLife suite, addresses the fun and complexities of music creation. It's an obvious coup for musicians, wannabe musicians, and those with hidden musical talents and dormant dreams. The world of copyrights and permissions may lead even less-musical types to explore creating their own acoustic content rather than ripping other people's tunes. In the case of, say, music that's played with movies and slide shows in the public arena, even a musically challenged business owner can quickly make some original music with no fear of recrimination.

Some people may want to avoid GarageBand. It isn't as simple or intuitive as the other iLife products. Whereas all the rest (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD) take in existing digital content, manage it, organize it, and prepare it for output, GarageBand synthesizes content from a virtually blank slate. If you don't have the time or inclination to make your own music, there's nothing wrong with settling into your great CD collection with iTunes and skipping the rock star bit altogether.

That said, you should at least try it. This lesson is designed to provide a short and safe look around. Who knows? You may discover a deep, lurking talent for making your own music. It's powerful, exciting, and (dare I say it?) narcotic. You may not be able to stop once you lay down your first tracks. Even without a guitar or keyboard, you will be on your way to making original music with GarageBand after this lesson.

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