What You ve Learned

What You've Learned

  • Composition is important to good photography.

  • When you're shooting, it's best to keep light behind you, not your subject.

  • For more natural photos, try to avoid using the flash.

  • Move closer to subjects, crop freely in the camera, and adjust your position to get a distinctive point of view.

  • The rule of thirds says to keep subjects out of the center of the image; instead, move them to the sides or up and down a little in the frame.

  • To import photos, you just plug your digital camera into your Mac, decide if you want iPhoto to delete original images from your camera, and let iPhoto do the rest.

  • To move folders of photos into iPhoto from other locations on your hard disk, you just drag the folder into the iPhoto window.

  • An important step right after you import photos is to do some quick adjustments, deleting bad images and rotating the remaining images to be oriented properly.

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