Lesson 2. Shooting Digital Snapshots and Putting Them in Your Mac

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Approximately 45 minutes


Learn how to use lighting and composition for better photographs


Import pictures into iPhoto


Rotate and delete images in iPhoto

This lesson will demystify the way a computer can talk to (and control) a digital camera. It will give you some basic guidelines for handling your camera and creating impressive snapshots, as well as dealing with less-than-ideal lighting and subject orientation. It will also introduce you to iPhoto, the iLife tool for moving those photographs from camera to Mac, and ultimately organizing and sharing them.

You'll follow Jennifer, the studio owner, as she looks at her inventory. She might use a camera to help catalog and organize her ceramics, so that staff can identify pieces or vendors can fill a certain order. But as she gets more creative, she sees she can make beautiful photos of her ceramics that could inspire customers, creating not just "mug shots" but advertisements.

To see the process of getting shots into iPhoto, you'll also follow Charlie, the high school student, as he begins to prepare photos for his school project.

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