Lab 5.3 Self-Review Questions

In order to test your progress, you should be able to answer the following questions.


What types of IF statements can be nested one inside another?

  1. _____ IF-THEN statement can only be nested inside ELSIF statement.

  2. _____ IF-THEN-ELSE statement cannot be nested at all.

  3. _____ Any IF statement can be nested inside another IF statement.


How many IF statements can be nested one inside another?

  1. _____ One

  2. _____ Two

  3. _____ Any number


Only a single logical operator can be used with a condition of an IF statement.

  1. _____ True

  2. _____ False


When using nested IF statements, their conditions do not need to be mutually exclusive.

  1. _____ True

  2. _____ False


When the condition of the outer IF statement evaluates to FALSE, which of the following happens?

  1. _____ Control is transferred to the inner IF statement.

  2. _____ The error message is generated.

  3. _____ Control is transferred to the first executable statement after the outer END IF statement.

Answers appear in Appendix A, Section 5.3 .

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