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The quiz questions are designed to test your knowledge of the material covered in this hour . The answers to the questions follow.



If you have a movie clip at level 1, what is the difference between using _root and _parent in scripts inside this movie clip?


Basically, none. Both refer to the main timeline at level 0. However, if you move this clip around and place it inside another movie clip so that it is at level 2, _root will refer to level 0 and _parent will refer to level 1. So you will want to be careful which one you use anyway.


How many names does a movie clip have?


Two. It has a name in the Library. It also has a name for the specific instance of the movie clip. There is only one Library name for the clip, but you will need as many instance names as there are instances.


What is the advantage of using brackets rather than dot syntax in referring to a movie clip?


Brackets allow you to use the contents of a variable as the name of a movie clip. With dot syntax, the name is hard-coded as part of the script.


If scripts in the main timeline are at level 0, and frame scripts inside a movie clip are at level 1, at what level is the script attached to the movie clip?


Level 1. Movie clip scripts are at the same level as the frame scripts inside the movie clip.

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