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When should I use components instead of my own interface movie clips?


Use components when time is short or you are not sure that your ActionScript abilities will allow you to get the results you want. However, components will never be as easy to customize as your own movie clips. In addition, components tend to slow down your movies. If reaction time is important, you will want to make your own components that are optimized to perform exactly as you need.


Can I use the ScrollBar component on something besides text fields?


Yes. In fact, the ListBox and ComboBox components use it. If you are an expert ActionScript programmer, you can read the documentation to find out how to access the properties of the ScrollBar so that you can use it in other ways.


Can I use the scroll pane to show an image rather than a movie clip?


Yes and no. The scroll pane shows only movie clips. But that doesn't stop you from making a movie clip that contains an image. In fact, that is how you should work things if you want to build an image browser. Some programs, such as Macromedia Fireworks, allow you to save images as Flash files. These can then be read in using loadScrollContent .


So how can I customize components even more?


You don't even need ActionScript for this. But you do need to check out the documentation about how to alter and create component skins.

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