Expansion Slots

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As stated earlier, expansion slots consist of AGP video slots and DVI video header connectors, and PCI and ISA slots. PCI and ISA slots are used primarily for modems, network adapters, sound cards, additional ports (such as USB or parallel), and video cards. You will likely encounter other types of cards as well.

Removal and Installation of Expansion Cards

Removal and replacement of expansion cards is usually simple. You might want to use an anti-static wristband for this. With the computer powered off and disconnected, open the case and remove the screw (if present) holding the card in place, as shown in Figure 3.21.

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Figure 3.21: Removing the screw that holds an expansion card in place.

Next, pull out the card, using only as much force as necessary. Do not bend the card. After removing the card, if you plan on reinstalling it or installing another card, you are ready. However, if you plan to leave the slot empty, you'll want to install a slot cover, as shown in Figure 3.22.

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Figure 3.22: Installing a slot cover.

To install another card, just follow the procedure in reverse.


This procedure works for the vast majority of tower and desktop computers. However, if you encounter a computer for which this doesn't, you might need to seek assistance from the computer manufacturer's Web site. Certain Sony VAIO towers require removal of a single panel on the outside back of the computer to unlock all of the cards.

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