BlackBerry in a Snap

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BlackBerry in a Snap
By Michael Morrison
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Pub Date: July 01, 2005
ISBN: 0672-32-670-1
Pages: 384

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Wish your BlackBerry 7100 had come with a little more meat in the owner's manual? BlackBerry 7100 In a Snap is your wish come true. This task-oriented guide goes well beyond the BlackBerry 7100 owner's manual and guides you through its devices using practical usage scenarios. Jump in anywhere , and learn how to squeeze every bit of mobile power out of your BlackBerry 7100, one task at a time. You will learn how to:

  • Manage your BlackBerry 7100 from your desktop

  • Take control of e-mail with the built-in Web Client

  • Text message

  • Use your BlackBerry 7100 as the ultimate mobile phone

  • Manage your time with the calendar

  • Organize your to-do list with tasks

You will also learn about advanced features that go beyond simple phone and communicator usage, and you'll be able to reference quick tutorials on a broad array of features and practices with this essential guide from the In a Snap series.

BlackBerry in a Snap
BlackBerry in a Snap
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