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Joan Ray is a Unix system administrator and Webmaster for the College of Biological Sciences at The Ohio State University. Joan has a degree in French from OSU, and is working toward additional degrees in Japanese and Geology.

Exposure to Apple's Power Macintosh computers at SIGGRAPH '93 transformed Joan from an unenthusiastic workplace- user of DOS to a devoted Macintosh hobbyist. In 1997, when her husband left the college's computing facility to concentrate on his doctoral studies, Joan decided to apply to manage the facility. To her surprise, the interview committee hired her as the new administrator, and Joan began her training as a Unix system administrator. With her husband as the trainer, it was a rather intensive training period. There was no rest, even at home.

Now, when she is not helping write computing books, Joan is administering a cluster of SGI and Sun Unix workstations and servers, helping and providing training for users with Unix, Classic Mac OS, and Mac OS X questions, and serving as college Webmaster.


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Maximum Mac OS X Security
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