Getting Help in pico

Getting Help in pico

A great way to find out more about pico is to access pico help. In addition to finding answers to your questions, you can also find out about pico features and capabilities of which you may not be aware (Figure 4.9).

Figure 4.9. pico gives you all the information you need.

To Get Help in pico:


In pico, press to access help.


Move through the help pages:

  • moves you down through the help page.

  • moves you up through the help page.


Use this combination to exit help.

To Get Help with pico Startup Options:

  • man pico

    At the shell prompt, type man pico to learn more about startup options, including a variety of options that control how pico works.


  • Keep your eyes on the pico status line for current information, error messages, and occasional hints about using pico. The status line is the third line from the bottom of the screen, just above the menu, as shown in Figure 4.9.

  • Keep in mind that pico really is a very basic program. If you're looking for a command or function that isn't readily available, it's probably not there. You might check out vi or emacs instead.

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