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last utility
     listing specified number at end of file
     viewing specified number at beginning of file
linking files
     hard links
     soft links
links browser
     commands and flags for
     keystrokes in
     navigating with
     surfing Web with
     directories and files 2nd
     files by type
     jobs by time
     specified line at end of file
ln command
     flags for
     hard links with
     soft links with
locate command 2nd
locating files
logging in
     as different user
     as root user
     checking boot messages
     connection information for
     finding out who is logged on
         with ssh
         with telnet
     steps for
     using cal with
logging out
logs, monitoring
look utility 2nd
looping scripts
lp utility 2nd
ls command
     flags for
     listing directories and files 2nd
     looking up directory names with
     showing permissions with
lynx browser
     flags for
     keystrokes in
     surfing Web with

Unix(c) Visual Quickstart Guide
UNIX, Third Edition
ISBN: 0321442458
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 251

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