Learning Who Else is Logged in With who

Learning Who Else is Logged in With who

If you're not interested in all the gory details you get about users when you finger them,you can instead use who to get just the basics. With who you get just the users' names, connection information, login times, and host names, as shown in Code Listing 7.10.

To snoop with who:

  • who

    At the shell prompt, type who. You'll get user information like that shown in Code Listing 7.10. Optionally, you could pipe the output of who to more, as in who | more, which would give you a long list of results one screen at a time.


  • If you're a system administrator or use several different userids, you might occasionally need to use a special case of who,called whoami. Just type whoami at the shell prompt, and it'll tell you which userid you're currently logged in as.

  • See Chapter 1 for more on more and on piping commands.

Code Listing 7.10. Use who to find out who else is currently logged into the system.

[ejr@hobbes ejr]$ who ejr    tty1    Jul 22 07:42 root   tty2    Jul 22 15:13 asr    tty4    Jul 24 13:32 deb    tty5    Jul 24 13:32 ejr    ttyp1   Jul 24 12:14    (calvin.raycomm.com) ejr    ttyp0   Jul 24 13:02    (calvin.raycomm.com) [ejr@hobbes ejr]$ 

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