Automating Your System with Automator

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Chapter 4. Controlling Applications with Automator and AppleScript


  • Automating Your System with Automator

  • Creating Advanced Automation with AppleScript

  • Understanding AppleScript Syntax

  • Additional AppleScript Tools and Resources

Most of us use computers to help make our lives easier, and we choose the Macintosh because of the applications and tools it provides. Unfortunately, it's rare when we can get our work done within a single application. We usually move information back and forth between multiple programs in actions that, after awhile, seem almost automatic. Copy text from here, paste it there, repeat ad infinitum. Now, with Tiger, you have everything you need to make these mind-numbing tasks truly automatic using AppleScript and the appropriately named Automator.

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    Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed
    Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed
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