Troubleshooting Software Installs, and Compiling and Debugging Manually

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Installing Some Additional Interesting Software

After getting you all excited about how easily the fink system installs software, you didn't think we were going to just leave you hanging without showing you around a bit more of the system, did you? Just for kicks, let's use the fink system to see what's available (remember, fink is always adding new packages) in the way of games. To do this, we use the fink list command. fink list takes a single argument: a pattern to match in the package name. Here we'll look for some additional software to play with under X11, the alternate (traditional Unix) windowing system that Apple's incorporated seamlessly with Aqua.


The fink system isn't just for installing X11 software. That's what we're primarily using it for in our examples, but fink can install programming languages, networking software, utilities, spreadsheets, you name it. If there's a Unix application that can be ported to Mac OS X, the fink project will try to wrap it into its package management system.

To start, let's try looking for packages with game in the name:

 brezup:root Documents # fink list game Information about 1449 packages read in 1 seconds.      gnome-games    GNOME games collection.      gnome-games-dev    GNOME games collection.      gnome-games-shl    GNOME games collection.      kdegames3        3.0.7-2      KDE - games      kdegames3-commo  3.0.7-2      KDE - shared libraries used by KDE games      kdegames3-dev    3.0.7-2      development headers and libraries for KDE... 

That's not particularly impressive for a port system boasting more than 1,400 packages, is it? Well, let's see what one of them is before we dig further:

 brezup:root Documents # fink describe gnome-games Information about 1449 packages read in 1 seconds. pkg gnome-games  version ### pkg gnome-games  version gnome-games- GNOME games collection.  The gnome-games package contains a collection of simple games for your  amusement.  .  Web site:  .  Maintainer: Masanori Sekino <> 

Okay, that could be interesting, let's give it a whirl:

 brezup:root Documents # fink install gnome-games Information about 1449 packages read in 1 seconds. pkg gnome-games  version ### pkg gnome-games  version fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual dependency. The candidates: (1)  giflib: GIF image format handling library, LZW-enabled version (2)  libungif: GIF image format handling library, LZW-free version Pick one: [1] 

fink needs help? It's just asking you to make a choice, and it's already suggesting a default, so press the Return key and let it go:

 fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual dependency. The candidates: (1)  giflib-bin: GIF image format handling library, LZW-enabled version (2)  libungif-bin: GIF image format handling library, LZW-free version Pick one: [1] 

Repeat as necessary!

 fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual dependency. The candidates: (1)  giflib-shlibs: GIF image format handling library, LZW-enabled version (2)  libungif-shlibs: GIF image format handling library, LZW-free version Pick one: [1] The following package will be installed or updated:  gnome-games The following 53 additional packages will be installed:  audiofile audiofile-bin audiofile-shlibs db3 db3-shlibs docbook-dsssl-nwalsh  docbook-dtd esound esound-bin esound-common esound-shlibs gdk-pixbuf  gdk-pixbuf-shlibs giflib giflib-bin giflib-shlibs glib glib-shlibs  gnome-games-shlibs gnome-libs gnome-libs-dev gnome-libs-shlibs gtk+  gtk+-data gtk+-shlibs gtk-doc guile guile-dev guile-shlibs imlib  imlib-shlibs libjpeg libjpeg-bin libjpeg-shlibs libpng libpng-shlibs libtiff  libtiff-bin libtiff-shlibs libxml libxml-shlibs netpbm netpbm-bin  netpbm-shlibs openjade orbit orbit-bin orbit-shlibs passwd readline  readline-shlibs scrollkeeper sgml-entities-iso8879 Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Y 

Do you want it to install 53 packages for you automatically? Perhaps a better question is, "Do you want to install 53 packages manually, the way that you did in earlier chapters?" Press Y and let it roll!

Much time now passes…

 The following group entries will be added to your NetInfo database: news:*:250: mysql:*:251: pgsql:*:252: games:*:253: canna:*:254: postfix:*:255: maildrop:*:256: tomcat:*:257: jabber:*:258: Existing entries with these names or numbers will be overwritten or otherwise affected by this. On the other hand, some Fink packages will not work unless these entries are in the NetInfo database. You can make adjustments to the files /sw/etc/passwd-fink and /sw/etc/group-fink now (from another window), then say yes here. Or you can say no here and add the users and groups manually (e.g. on your central NetInfo server). If you don't know what all of this is about, just say yes. Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Y 

Again, accept the default. After this step, and more time, you come back to your command prompt with not much information regarding exactly what software has been installed. Remember that fink likes to store its executables in /sw/bin. Libraries go in /sw/lib. Looking in those directories, you'll find many files. If you look at the names of the programs and libraries, some of them might strike you as familiar. Look back at the list of packages fink told you it was going to install do you recognize libjpeg? libtiff? How about netpbm? All to install a few sample games (gnometris is one of them a simple Tetris-like puzzle-piece game), fink has installed some 400 programs and associated libraries, include files, man pages, and so on. The rest of this software is available for you to use as well, so it might be worth a bit of your time to look at some of what's been installed and check out the man pages there's far more interesting stuff in there than could be documented here, even if we devoted the entire book to it! All of this, and you only had to answer a few questions and wait a while.

If you want to try out the software that fink installed, start X11 (in case what you choose is an X Window application) and run some of it. Try out some of the games; gnometris, mahjongg, iagno, gnibbles, and gnobots2 are a few of them. Try out some of the netpbm applications see whether they produce the same output as the ones you built by hand. Figure 14.1 shows a number of the gnome-game samples running alongside Aqua windows.

Figure 14.1. X11 games running beside Aqua applications.

Let's return to fink and see whether there are more games. If you've peeked ahead to see what X11 is all about, you already know from looking at the screenshots that there's an X11 version of the arcade game Galaga, so let's see whether it's in fink:

 brezup:root Documents # fink list galaga Information about 1449 packages read in 2 seconds.      xgalaga          2.0.34-1     Clone of the classic game of galaga 

Nifty! Now you know how to install xgalaga if you want it. More importantly, you should observe that although it's a game, xgalaga doesn't have the word game in its name, only in the comment. This and the grep command should get you started on finding much more software that you might want:

 brezup:root Documents # fink list | grep "game"         amaze   0.0-2   3D maze game in curses.         atlantik        3.0.7-2 KDE - monopoly-like game         cgoban  1.9.12-1        X11 frontend for the game of Go         connect4        1.1-2   Text-based Connect Four game.         crafty-tb-four  18-1    Four piece endgame tablebases for crafty         crafty-tb-three 18-1    Three piece endgame tablebases for crafty         crossfire       1.3.0-1 Graphical role-playing adventure game for X11.         dama    0.5.4-1 Turkish draughts board game. (checkers-like)         danican 0.5.2-1 International draughts board game. (checkers-like)         dopewars        1.5.4-1 Drug dealing game set in New York  i      gnome-games       GNOME games collection.         gnome-games-dev       GNOME games collection.  i      gnome-games-shlibs       GNOME games collection.         gnuboy  1.0.3-2 Opensource gameboy emulator         gnugo   3.2-12  Plays the game of Go         grhino  0.6.0-1 Strong othello game for GNOME.         gtkmonop        0.3.0-5 Client for something resembling the well known board game         katomic 3.0.7-2 KDE - sokoban-like game         kbackgammon     3.0.7-2 KDE - backgammon board game         kde-panel-fifteen       3.0.7-2 KDE - moving squares panel game         kdegames3       3.0.7-2 KDE - games         kdegames3-common        3.0.7-2 KDE - shared libraries used by KDE games         kdegames3-dev   3.0.7-2 development headers and libraries for KDE games         kenolaba        3.0.7-2 KDE - strategy board game         khangman        3.0.7-2 KDE - hangman word game         kjumpingcube    3.0.7-2 KDE - tactical game         klickety        3.0.7-2 KDE - tetris-like game         klines  3.0.7-2 KDE - Color Lines-like logic game         kmahjongg       3.0.7-2 KDE - pick-up game based on the ancient mandarin Mah Jong         kmessedwords    3.0.7-2 KDE - mind-training word game         kmines  3.0.7-2 KDE - minesweeper-like game         kolf    3.0.7-2 KDE - mini-golf game         konquest        3.0.7-2 KDE - multi-player strategic war game         kpat    3.0.7-2 KDE - collection of solitaire-like card games         kpoker  3.0.7-2 KDE - poker card game         ksame   3.0.7-2 KDE - simple game inspired by SameGame         kshisen 3.0.7-2 KDE - Shisen-So - a Mah Jong-like game         ksokoban        3.0.7-2 KDE - sokoban-like game         kspaceduel      3.0.7-2 KDE - 2-player space arcade game         ktuberling      3.0.7-2 KDE - Mr. Potato Head-like game         lskat   3.0.7-2 KDE - 2-player card game like Offiziersskat         megami  3.0.7-2 KDE - blackjack card game         monopd  0.5.0-3 Monopoly-like game server         nethack 3.4.0-1 Console/X11 based graphical adventure game         nibbles 1.1-2   Text-based color snake game.         robotournament  01.20.02-1      Robot board game inspired by RoboRally         teg     0.10.1-12       Strategy game similar to Risk         xdigger 1.0.10-1        Boulderdash like game for X Windows         xfrisk  1.2-2   Computer version of the Risk boardgame         xgalaga 2.0.34-1        Clone of the classic game of galaga         xlightoff       1.1-1   Light switching game for X11.         xpilot  4.5.4-1 Multi-player 2D space game.         xscorch 0.1.15-2        Scorched Earth - "the mother of all games"         xscrabble       0901-1  Scrabble game for X 

That's more like it. (Although I'll give you a hint: That isn't all the games either. Some of them, such as kbattleship, don't have game in either the name or the description.) Something to note in the listing is that the lines for both gnome-games and gnome-games-shlibs now have the letter i before them. This indicates that they're already installed. If there were newer versions available that you might want to install, these would be shown as (i) instead of just i.

Should you ever need to update your installed fink software to newer versions, you can use fink update-all, which automatically downloads everything necessary to update any installed fink packages on your system.

Before we leave our quick tour of fink, let's look at just a few other types of applications.


 brezup:root Documents # fink list | grep "pread"         abs     0.908-1 Opensource spreadsheet         gnumeric        1.0.9-1 Spreadsheet program for gnome, reads many formats         kspread 1.2.0-2 KDE - spreadsheet 


 brezup:root Documents # fink list | grep "raphics"         autotrace       0.30-4  Converts bitmap to vector graphics         gd      1.8.4-11        Graphics generation library         gd-bin  1.8.4-11        Graphics generation library         gd-pm   1.33-3  Perl interface to the GD graphics library         gd-shlibs       1.8.4-11        Graphics generation library         gd2     2.0.1-4 Graphics generation library         gd2-bin 2.0.1-4 Graphics generation library         gd2-shlibs      2.0.1-4 Graphics generation library         gif2png 2.4.6-1 GIF to PNG graphics file conversion         gqview  1.0.2-1 Graphics file browser utility         gri     2.10.1-2        Language for scientific graphics programming.         kde-kfile-image-plugins 3.0.7-2 KDE - graphics         kdegraphics3    3.0.7-2 KDE - graphics         libart2 2.3.9-1 Library for high-performance 2D graphics         libart2-shlibs  2.3.9-1 Library for high-performance 2D graphics  i      netpbm  9.25-1  Graphics manipulation programs and libraries  i      netpbm-bin      9.25-1  Graphics manipulation programs and libraries  i      netpbm-shlibs   9.25-1  Graphics manipulation programs and libraries         pgplot  5.2-3   Fortran- or C-callable scientific graphics package.         pgplot-perl     2.18-2  Perl interfaces for the PGPLOT graphics library         pymol   0.82-2  Molecular graphics system         r-base  1.5.1-2 Environment for statistical computing and graphics         rasmol       Molecular graphics visualisation tool         sketch  0.6.13-3        Vector graphics editor         sodipodi        0.24.1-2        Gnome vector graphics application         transfig        3.2.3d-7        Converts xfig objects to various graphics formats. 


 brezup:root Documents # fink list | grep "text"         autogen 5.4.2-1 Tool for automated text generation from templates         bluefish        0.7-1   Web-oriented text editor         context 2001.11.13-2    Full-featured macro package written in TeX         dosunix 1.0.13-1        Converts DOS text files to unix text format         ee      1.4.2-3 Easy to use text editor.         emacs-w3        4.0.47-2        Emacs text-based web browser         emacs21 21.2-9  Flexible real-time text editor, v21.2 with X11 support         emacs21-nox     21.2-9  Flexible real-time text editor, v21.2 for terminal only         enscript        1.6.1-1 Converts text files to PostScript         figlet  22-3    Makes large letters out of ordinary text         gd-textutil-pm  0.82-1  Perl package for text utilities of GD  i      gettext 0.10.40-3       Message localization support         gnotepad+       1.3.3-1 Simple and feature-rich HTML/text editor         grep    2.4.2-3 Search text files for patterns         gtranslator     0.43-1  Gettext po file editor for the GNOME desktop environment         html-fromtext-pm        1.005-2 Text2html function marks up plain text as HTML         hyperref        6.72-2  Hypertext marks (clickable links) in LaTeX         ircii   20020912-1      Popular text based irc client         jless   358-iso254-1    Featureful text pager with ISO 2022 code extension.         kbabel  3.0.7-2 KDE - edit and manage gettext PO files         kedit   3.0.7-2 KDE - simple text editor         kinput2 3.0-3   Input server for easy input of Japanese text         kterm   6.2.0-2 X11terminal emulator that can handle multi-lingual text.         less    376-1   Featureful text pager         links   0.96-2  Lynx-like text WWW browser with tables         links-ssl       0.98-1  Lynx-like text WWW browser with tables         locale-maketext-pm      1.03-1  Perl framework for localization         mutt-ssl        1.4i-11 Sophisticated text-based mail user agent         nano    1.0.9-11        Improved clone of the Pico text editor.         nedit   5.3-5   Multi-purpose text editor X Windows.         pango1  1.0.3-2 System for Layout and rendering of internationalized text         pango1-dev      1.0.3-2 System for Layout and rendering of internationalized text         pango1-shlibs   1.0.3-2 System for Layout and rendering of internationalized text         text-delimmatch-pm      1.03-1  Perl extension to find regexp delimited strings         textutils       2.0-4   Text file processing utilities         vile    9.3-2   Enhanced vi-like text editor.         w3m-ssl 0.3-13  Pager/text-based WWW browser, with SSL support         wrap    1-3     Fast text wrapping         xemacs  21.5.4-3        Highly customizable text editor. 


 brezup:root Documents # fink list | grep -i "view"         aview   1.3.0rc1-4      Ascii art image viewer         eog     0.6-4   Image viewing and cataloging program         epstool 2.1-1   Utility to manipulate preview images in EPS files.         geomview        1.8.1-5 Interactive 3D viewing program         gkrellkam       0.3.4-1 Gkrellm plugin - Webcam viewer.         gqview  1.0.2-1 Graphics file browser utility         kdvi    3.0.7-2 KDE - DVI print file previewer         kfax    3.0.7-2 KDE - fax file viewer         kghostview      3.0.7-2 KDE - postscript viewer         kugar   1.2.0-2 KDE - business report viewer and creator         kview   3.0.7-2 KDE - image viewer         lv      4.49.4-2        Powerful Multilingual File Viewer         mgv     3.1.5-3 Motif PostScript viewer loosely based on Ghostview 1.5.         mlview      Simple XML editor for gnome         orrery  0.9.2-3 Digital model of the solar system, a geomview module         xmakemol        5.05-2  View atomic and molecular systems         xmltv   0.5.0-1 Set of utilities to manage your TV viewing         xpdf    1.01-2  Viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files.         xv      3.10a-2 Image viewer 

Finally, because this one would be difficult to guess what to search for unless you knew what you were looking for, I want to point out the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program):

 brezup:root Documents # fink describe  gimp Information about 1449 packages read in 1 seconds. pkg gimp  version ### pkg gimp  version 1.2.3-10 gimp-1.2.3-10: The GNU Image Manipulation Program  .  Web site:  .  Maintainer: Alexander Strange <> 

The GNU Image Manipulation Program is such a diminutive understatement for a program that many fancy to be an open source Photoshop killer. The GIMP is an ongoing project aimed at developing a free-software product to compete with Adobe's Photoshop application. It's definitely not Photoshop CS, but it's an amazingly powerful and configurable application. One of the neatest features is that it's not a closed proprietary application. That means the source is available, the interface to create plug-ins and so on is well documented, and many sample files are floating around the Net containing code that can be used to make custom filters that do exactly what you want them to do. You can buy a copy of the GIMP for your Mac if you want to or you can type fink install gimp at the command line. Pretty easy, huh?

Installing the DarwinPorts Ports and Packages Manager

DarwinPorts is another large, well-supported (by the open-source community) port and package manager for Mac OS X. It is in many ways complementary to Fink, and there are a significant number of programs that are distinct to each. If you can't find it in Fink, check DarwinPorts, and conversely, if you can't find it in DarwinPorts, check Fink.

Again, because everyone's working with developer prerelease versions of Tiger as we write, many software packages are in a state of flux and are being rebuilt to accomodate Tiger. DarwinPorts is no exception. What you see here, therefore, should be representative of how DarwinPorts works when you're trying it out on your system, but don't be surprised when there are minor differences.

Like Fink, DarwinPorts installs the base system using CVS:

 cvs -d login (Logging in to CVS password: cvs -d co -P darwinports 

When asked for your CVS password, just press the Return key. After you've run the second cvs command, a long list of files will be downloaded. When your command prompt returns, you need to execute a fairly standard installation:

 cd darwinports/base ./configure make sudo make install 

Finally, add /opt/local/bin to your path, preferably by editing the appropriate private or system-global shell startup script. You should now have a working DarwinPorts installation, and can start using it to browse and install software. Let's see how it does at installing the spell-checker we used to demonstrate pipes:

 port search 'spell' aspell          textproc/aspell 0.50.3 Spell checker with better logic than ispell aspell-dict-de  textproc/aspell-dict-de 0.50     German dictionary for aspell aspell-dict-dk  textproc/aspell-dict-dk 0.50     Danish dictionary for aspell aspell-dict-en  textproc/aspell-dict-en 0.50     English dictionary for aspell aspell-dict-es  textproc/aspell-dict-es 0.50     Spanish dictionary for aspell aspell-dict-fr  textproc/aspell-dict-fr 0.50     French dictionary for aspell aspell-dict-it  textproc/aspell-dict-it 0.50     Italian dictionary for aspell aspell-dict-nl  textproc/aspell-dict-nl 0.50     Dutch dictionary for aspell aspell-dict-ru  textproc/aspell-dict-ru 0.50     Russian dictionary for aspell aspell-dict-sv  textproc/aspell-dict-sv 0.50     Swedish dictionary for aspell ispell          textproc/ispell 3.2.06 An interactive spelling checker for multiple languages 

Well, that's pretty neat the last time I tried to install aspell manually, it had me beat, I've been using ispell instead for a while. Now aspell is a simple DarwinPorts install:

 sudo port install aspell Password: --->  Fetching aspell --->  Attempting to fetch aspell-0.50.3.tar.gz from --->  Attempting to fetch aspell-0.50.3.tar.gz from --->  Verifying checksum(s) for aspell --->  Extracting aspell --->  Configuring aspell --->  Building aspell with target all --->  Staging aspell into destroot You must install one of the language dictionaries after installing this port in order for it to work. --->  Packaging tgz archive for aspell 0.50.3_1 --->  Installing aspell 0.50.3_1 --->  Activating aspell 0.50.3_1 --->  Cleaning aspell 

Nifty! It compiled, installed, and cleaned up after itself, all in one neat command, and I know that wasn't a trivial install from the command line. One thing to note: It wants me to install a dictionary, so I'll also instruct the port command to pull down the English version for me:

 port install aspell-dict-en 

And, theoretically, I'm done. Let's see what I've actually installed in /opt/local/bin:

 ls /opt/local/bin/ aspell                port                 portindex            run-with-aspell aspell-import         portall              pspell-config        word-list-compress 

Not much in there so far, but there's the aspell program, and if I run it, it prints out a humongous list of options. To get it to behave neatly as spell (the canonical Unix name for this command), as shown in Chapter 12, "Process Management," we can use an alias (more on aliases in Chapter 15, "Shell Configuration and Programming (Shell Scripting)"). In tcsh this is simply alias spell aspell -l. In bash it's alias spell='aspell -l':

 brezup:ray testing $ aspell -l Now is the tyem for all good authors to come to thie ayde of some very good Unix users Ctrl-D tyem thie ayde brezup:ray testing $ brezup:ray testing $ alias spell 'aspell -l' brezup:ray testing $ spell Now is the tyem for all good authors to come to thie ayde of some very good Unix users Ctrl-D tyem thie ayde brezup:ray testing $ 

What other useful software might DarwinPorts have hiding in its more than 2,000-port-long list of Unix applications for Mac OS X? How about security applications:

port list | grep "security" cryptlib devel/cryptlib cryptlib is a powerful security toolkit flawfinder devel/flawfinder Examines C/C++ source code for sec. flaws fuzz devel/fuzz software security checking tool libnasl net/libnasl Nessus security scanner nessus-core net/nessus-core Nessus security scanner nessus-libraries net/nessus-libraries Nessus security scanner nessus-plugins net/nessus-plugins Nessus security scanner aescrypt security/aescrypt A program for encryption/decryption. aesutil security/aesutil command line program to encrypt and decrypt data via AES authforce security/authforce A HTTP authentication brute forcer. checkpassword-pam security/checkpassword-pam implementation of checkpassword-compatible auth program cracklib security/cracklib A ProActive Password Sanity Library ctool security/ctool ctool is a checksumming application gpg-agent security/gpg-agent GPG key agent hydra security/hydra parallized login hacker utility ike-scan security/ike-scan ike-scan can discover and identify IPsec VPN systems running IKE. jailkit security/jailkit utilities to create limited user accounts in a chroot jail libident security/libident Ident protocol library libprelude security/libprelude Prelude Network Intrusion Detection System librairies logsentry security/logsentry logfile auditing tool md5deep security/md5deep Recursively compute digests on files/directories murk security/murk rsync friendly encryption tool otr security/otr Off-the-Record Messaging Library outguess security/outguess steganographic tool pgpdump security/pgpdump PGP packet visualizer pinentry security/pinentry Passphrase entry dialog utilizing the Assuan protocol portsentry security/portsentry port scan detection and active defense prelude-lml security/prelude-lml Prelude Network Intrusion Detection System Log Monitoring Lackey prelude-manager security/prelude-manager Prelude Network Intrusion Detection System central logging point prelude-nids security/prelude-nids Prelude Network Intrusion Detection System sensor prelude-piwi security/prelude-piwi Prelude Network Intrusion Detection System PIWI putty security/putty ssh tools pscp, psftp and plink from the Putty project racoon security/racoon an IKE (IPSec) daemon scponly security/scponly Limited shell which wraps scp/sftp sign security/sign sign is a file signing and signature verification utility stegdetect security/stegdetect tool for detecting steganographic content in jpeg images. stunnel security/stunnel SSL tunneling program tor security/tor anonymizing overlay network for TCP tor-devel security/tor-devel anonymizing overlay network for TCP tripwire security/tripwire integrity assurance and intrusion detection tool mod_security www/mod_security intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications

Wow. That's a lot of stuff. Notably, it contains (today) 41 security-related packages to Fink's 4. Especially interesting are the tripwire and portsentry items because you'll have the opportunity to learn more about using them in Chapter 28, "Implementing Server Security and Advanced Network Configuration."


DarwinPort's port command search functionality is somewhat lacking. Just as fink doesn't look in descriptions when you use a keyword for list, the port command doesn't look in the categories field or the descriptions field when you search. Instead, use the list command, and grep for the category you're interested in.

How about multimedia applications?

port list | grep "multimedia" acme gnome/acme Tool to make multimedia keys work on laptops avidemux multimedia/avidemux Avidemux is an avi and mpeg editing pgm emotion multimedia/emotion A Evas smart-object library for video ffmpeg multimedia/ffmpeg Digital VCR and streaming server libmatroska multimedia/libmatroska Matroska is an extensible open standard audio /video container format. libmpeg2 multimedia/libmpeg2 A free library for decoding mpeg-2 and mpeg-1 video streams. libtheora multimedia/libtheora Video codec based on libogg / libvorbis mkvtoolnix multimedia/mkvtoolnix Matroska media files manipulation mpeg2vidcodec multimedia/mpeg2vidcodec MPEG-2 Video Encoder / Decoder mpgtx multimedia/mpgtx MPEG audio/video/system file toolbox MPlayer multimedia/MPlayer The Unix movie player ogmtools multimedia/ogmtools OGG media streams manipulation tools. smpeg multimedia/smpeg a general purpose MPEG A/V player/lib vcdimager multimedia/vcdimager Free software (Super) video CD authoring solution xine-lib multimedia/xine-lib xine-lib is a free multimedia engine XviD multimedia/XviD High performance and high quality MPEG-4 video library py-ogg python/py-ogg Python module for the ogg multimedia interface

Only 17, but MPlayer is something you're going to be interested in it plays (just about) anything you can throw at it. Obscure Windows media files that you can't open with Quicktime got you down? MPlayer plays them with ease. Can't keep up with the annoying "codec of the week club" that the DiVX/XViD/3ViX crowd change faster than underpants? MPlayer has just about all of them built-in, so you don't have to worry about finding the right one, or about what'll break if you install it. ffmpeg is pretty neat too it'll let you read video files that Quicktime either can't or won't touch (such as MPEG-2), and re-encode them into formats that you can then import into iMovie/Final Cut, embed in web pages, or otherwise edit more conveniently and it's fast.

There are many, many more categories and applications available through DarwinPorts. You can most easily browse by checking the port listing on the DarwinPorts web page (

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