Advance Praise for Using XML with Legacy Business Applications

Advance Praise for Using XML with Legacy Business Applications

This volume offers relentlessly pragmatic solutions to help your business applications get the most out of XML, with a breezy style that makes the going easy. Mike has lived this stuff; he has a strong command of the solutions and the philosophy that underlies them.

”Eve Maler
XML Standards Architect
Sun Microsystems

Unlike other books that simply cover XML standards and specifications, this book shows you how to actually use XML to solve real-world problems. Developers trying to see through all the hype and discover the real utility of XML will finally appreciate having a book that uses industrial-strength examples to make it all crystal clear.

”Steve Vinoski
Chief Engineer, Product Innovation
IONA Technologies

The single most clear and concise discussion of XML for business messaging I have ever seen! The book is a must for anyone faced with integrating XML into business applications at the code level.

”R.T. Crowley
Senior Vice President, Research Triangle Software, Inc.
Chairman of the Board, The Electronic Commerce Institute
Author of EDI: Charting a Course to the Future

I don't know Mike Rawlins but I can tell by reading this book that he has a teacher's instinct. As any good teacher would, Mr. Rawlins uses a simple problem to reveal a complex body of material. In this case, the easily stated problem is file conversion and the rich, well-illuminated subject is XML. This book gives programmers a clear, well- marked path to XML proficiency.

”Joseph Maguire Consultant, Author, Trainer
Patterns & Practices Columnist, Smart Solutions Magazine.

Michael Rawlins handily demystifies the complexities of XML technologies while stepping us in detail through XML solutions to legacy application integration problems, designed around real-world business scenarios. He has also produced a thoroughly enjoyable book that is fun to read ”outstanding.

”Daniel Appelquist
Senior Technical Architect at Vodafone
Author of XML and SQL: Developing Web Applications

Using XML with Legacy Business Applications
Using XML with Legacy Business Applications
ISBN: 0321154940
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 181

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