Chapter 4. Printers

Printers give you a sense of physical accomplishmentsomething otherwise lacking in your interactions with your PC. You can hold printed sheets in your hands or pass them out with a flourish at a meeting. To help with this transformation from digital to physical, this chapter guides you through the following tasks :

  • Selecting the right printer for your needs.

  • Connecting and setting up a printer (or several) to your PC or laptop.

  • Printing on the correct side of the paper, including printing long documents on both sides of the paper.

  • Printing envelopes, including return addresses.

  • Printing digital photos on your printer or at one of several professional developers.

  • Distinguishing between paper types, so you choose the right one for whatever you're printing.

  • Replacing ink and toner cartridges, fixing paper jams, and buying replacement parts .

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