Chapter 2. Keyboards and Mice

You can try reasoning with your PC all you want, but computers rarely take notice until you tap your fingers across the keyboard or nudge the mouse on your desk. This chapter explains the intricacies of those two primal , yet very effective, ways of getting your computer's attention.

This chapter introduces the various types of keyboards and mice you can use with desktop and laptop PCs, and which ones to choose for different situationsan ergonomic keyboard with an adjustable tilt, for instance, if typing hurts your wrists or fingers.

You'll learn how to manipulate both mice and keyboards to their best advantage, and how to adjust them when they're not performing to your satisfaction. In case your mouse dies, one section explains how to continue working in Windows with only a keyboard. Should your keyboard die, you'll want to review the section that shows you how to finish up your typing with only a mouse.

You'll also uncover the mysteries behind certain keys like "Scroll Lock" (which doesn't actually work), and how to transform a foreign country's keyboard into something that does work.

Finally, for those times when you're ready to completely stop working, the section on game controllers explains calibration , which may give you an edge when playing the kid down the street. (Doubtful, but it's worth a try.)

PCs: The Missing Manual
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