Chapter 5. Put Knoppix in Your Toolbox

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Introduction: Hacks #37-51

Hack  37.   Run Remote Desktops

Hack  38.   Run X Remotely with FreeNX

Hack  39.   Browse Windows Shares

Hack  40.   Create an Emergency Router

Hack  41.   Create an Emergency File Server

Hack  42.   Create an Emergency Web Server

Hack  43.   Run Other Emergency Services

Hack  44.   Wardrive with Knoppix

Hack  45.   Audit Network Security

Hack  46.   Check for Root Kits

Hack  47.   Collect Forensics Data

Hack  48.   Clone Hard Drives

Hack  49.   Wipe a Hard Drive

Hack  50.   Test Hardware Compatibility

Hack  51.   Copy Settings to Other Distributions

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