I couldn't start the acknowledgments section without thanking my wife Joy for supporting me through this whole process yet again and helping me not only manage my work time, but also my free time. Thanks for keeping me motivated, caffeinated, and for generally removing outside stresses so I could get this done.

A big thank you to all of the contributing writers for your hard work, sometimes under tight schedules, and to the tech reviewers Robert Kaye, Seb Ruiz, and Robert Kulagowski for your valuable feedback. Thanks also to Adam Israel for your image hacking tips.

Extra thanks to my editor, David Brickner, for thinking of me for this book in the first place and helping me every step of the way until it was finished. Thanks also to the production editor Jamie Peppard, who managed the book in its final stages and prepared it for the printer; Nancy Reinhardt, who copyedited the text; Marcia Friedman, who designed the cover; and Ellen Troutman Zaig, for her work on the index.

Linux Multimedia Hacks
Linux Multimedia Hacks
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