The following people contributed their writing, code, and inspiration to Linux Multimedia Hacks:

  • Jono Bacon [Hack #43] is an established writer, developer, and musician. Jono has been working as a full-time writer and technology consultant/ developer since 2000 for a variety of publishers and companies and is a coauthor of Linux Desktop Hacks (O'Reilly), in which this hack originally appeared.

  • Robert Bernier [Hacks #12 and #72] works as a consultant for SRA America,, as the PostgreSQL Business Intelligence Analyst and is the creator of pg_live, a live CD distribution designed to profile PostgreSQL. Robert teaches, and also writes for numerous publications including O'Reilly's and hard-copy magazines in Europe and North America.

  • David Brickner [Hacks #14 and #53] is a Linux desktop enthusiast and an editor at O'Reilly. He authored Test Driving Linux and the Linux Desktop Pocket Guide.

  • Jorge Castro [Hack #7] is a network administrator at the Oakland University School of Engineering and Computer Science. He has written for Ars Technica and the GNOME Journal. He is currently serving as a board member for the michigan!/usr/group LUG in the metropolitan Detroit area.

  • Bill Childers [Hacks #45 and #66] is Director of Enterprise Systems for Quinstreet, Inc. He's been working with Linux and UNIX since before it was cool, and previously worked for Sun Microsystems and Set Engineering.

  • Jerome Couderc [Hack #29] is a 29-year-old computer engineer at a French insurance company. His hobbies are developing EasyTAG and mountain biking.

  • Alan Donovan [Hack #42] is a researcher in the field of programming languages and program analysis. He holds degrees from the University of Cambridge and MIT, where he currently works in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. His hack can also be found in iPod and iTunes Hacks (O'Reilly).

  • Edd Dumbill [Hack #87] is a free software hacker, writer, and entrepreneur. He has a weblog at

  • Michael Grigoriev [Hack #19] recently completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo and will be starting work at Google shortly. He spends most of his free time reading, watching movies, or hacking on various open source projects.

  • Robert Kaye [Hacks #27, #30, #31, #32, #83, and #84] is the Mayhem & Chaos Coordinator and creator of MusicBrainz, the music metadata commons. For more information about him, visit or read his blog at

  • Alexander Koenig [Hack #41] started the terminatorX project while studying computer science in Stuttgart and Esslingen, Germany. He is now working as a system architect in the Stuttgart area and continues to maintain terminatorX in his spare time.

  • Nicholas Petreley [Hack #23] is a writer, consultant, and editor-in-chief of Tux, the online Linux magazine for the desktop ( He is a coauthor of Linux Desktop Hacks (O'Reilly), where this particular hack first appeared.

  • Ted Wallingford [Hack #99] believes that VoIP and the Internet are today's revolution in distance communication. Ted's writing habit led him to write marketing and technical white papers for Gateway Computer and the former Amiga, Inc., where he served as webmaster in 1999. Ted is the author of the O'Reilly books Switching to VoIP and VoIP Hacks (from which this hack is borrowed).

  • Jarod Wilson [Hacks #77, #78, and #79] is a relatively long-time Linux user (dating back to 1997), on both a personal and professional level. He currently works for Linux Networx as an HPC cluster jockey and spends a good chunk of his nonexistent spare time working on various things related to the MythTV project (open source Linux PVR).

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