Spinning the Box

Currently, the cube's sides come together to form the cube, time passes, and then the cube explodes out of view. Your next task is to make the video cube spin in place really fast at certain times and slowly at other times. To do this, you'll animate the Null 1 layer, which you've already assigned as the parent to every cube side at the start of this chapter. As a result, the cube sides will inherit the Null 1 layer's keyframes (although no new keyframes appear in the Timeline for the cube sides' layers) and animate as one without disturbing the cube shape they form.

Follow these steps:


Select the Null 1 layer, and press R on your keyboard to display its Rotation and Orientation values.


Make sure the Null 1 layer's Orientation is 0, 0, 0 in the Main Timeline.


Create a keyframe for Y Rotation at time 0;00 with a value of 0 x +0.0.


Press End on your keyboard to go to the end of the Timeline at time 14;29, and change the Y Rotation to 10 x +0.0.

The keyframes you just created rotate the box ten times from the start of the animation to the end. Next you'll add keyframes so the box spins quickly and then slows down at various times:


Set the Null 1 layer's Y Rotation property to the following values at the specified times:

2;00: 5 x 0

2;20: 5 x 70

4;20: 5 x 110

4;25: 5 x 235

6;25: 5 x 290

7;00: 6 x 165

9;00: 6 x 205

9;05: 6 x 340

11;05: 7 x 20

11;10: 8 x 50


At time 0;00, add an X Rotation keyframe with a value of 0 x -90.


Go to time 2;00, and set the X Rotation value to 0 x +30;00.


Press End to go to time 14;29, and change the X Rotation value to 0 x 0;00.


Select all the layers in the Main Timeline, choose Layer > Pre-Compose, and name the nested comp Spinning Cube Pre-comp.

The cube slows down to show off a video.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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