It Works Like This

Check out the Ch14 Finished file in this chapter's folder on the book's DVD to see the final results of this chapter's project. This project is created using only one composition and a few layers, yet the results contain a lot of depth and visual interest.

You'll use the following techniques:

  1. Give footage of a cityscape a stylized night look with some effects.

  2. Add a layer of scrolling text to the background.

  3. Create an animated aperture that frames the city view.

  4. Create a 3D object with the 3D Invigorator effect, a solid, and an Adobe Illustrator file.

The TV channel slowly spins in the center of the scene.

As the channels rotates, text scrolls upward.

The text scrolls off the screen after the channel lands in position.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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