Animating the Steel Box

To simplify animating the steel box and its text label, you'll animate a Null Object layer instead and parent the other layers to it. You can think of a Null Object layer as basically an invisible solid; when it serves as a parent to other layers, the other layers imitate its every move. As a result, your box will fly in from space, and the side labeled OPEN THIS SIDE will slide open to reveal the spinning globe:


Choose Layer > New > Null Object.


Assign the Null 1 layer as the parent to all the layers except the OPEN THIS SIDE text layer.

Parenting the layers


Turn on the Null 1 layer's 3D switch, and set the layer's Position to 160, 120, 120.


Go to time 3:00, and add a Position keyframe to the Null Object and to the Front layer.


Still at time 3:00, add an Orientation keyframe to the Null 1 layer with a value of 0.0, 0.0, 0.0.


Go to time 4:00, and change the Front layer's Position to 0.0, 270, -150 to open the door.


Go to time 0:00, and change the Null 1 layer's Position to 0.0, 120, 2000 and Orientation to 50.0, 220, 300.

Click the Ram Preview button to see the results.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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