Assembling a Steel Box

You'll make solid layers appear metallic by applying a steel texture with the Boris FX effect appropriately named Steel Plate. Then you'll form a box from your steel plates in 3D space to surround your stormy globe.

Do the following:


Go to time 0:00, and create a solid named Floor with dimensions 300x300 using any color. The effect you'll apply to the solid will override the solid's color.


Apply Effect > BCC3 Generators > BCC Steel Plate to the Floor layer.


To brighten the effect's highlight, change the effect's Specular Intensity value to 45 in the Lighting group. You'll enhance these highlights in later steps with other effects.

Adding texture to the Floor layer


Turn on the 3-D switch in the Timeline for all layers.


Duplicate the Floor layer five times so you have six layers total. Rename the new Floor layers Front, Back, Right, Left, and Top.


Select the six solid layers, and press P to display their Position properties. Set the values as specified here:

Front: 160, 120, -150

Back: 160, 120, 150

Right: 310.0, 120, 0.0

Left: 10.0, 120, 0

Top: 160, -30, 0.0

Floor: 160, 270, 0.0


Press R to display the layers' Rotation properties, and set their Orientation values as specified here:

Front: 0.0, 0.0, 0.0

Back: 0.0, 0.0, 0.0

Right: 0.0, 90.0, 0.0

Left: 0.0, 90.0, 0.0

Top: 90.0, 0.0, 0.0

Floor: 90.0, 0.0, 0.0


Select the Horizontal Type tool, and apply these settings:

Font Family: Arial Black

Text Size: 48px

Fill Color: Black (#000000)

Alignment: Center Text

Then, type OPEN THIS SIDE in uppercase with one word per line.


Turn on the 3D switch for the new text layer, and set the layer's Position to 160, 80, -150 so that the text appears above the Front layer.


In the Timeline's Parent column, choose the Front layer for the OPEN THIS SIDE layer. This way, whenever the Front layer moves, the text appears to be attached to the Front layer.

Creating the box's label

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