Creating an Orbiting Title

Making text orbit your stormy planet is fairly straightforward; you'll use the same effect you used to make the solid layer a sphere, and then tweak the effect's settings to make the text appear to hover or orbit over the planet. Here are the steps:


Select the Horizontal Type tool, and set the following properties in the Character and Paragraph palettes:

Font Family: Arial Black

Text Size: 36 pixels

Alignment: Center Text

The text's fill color is irrelevant, because effects you'll apply to the layer will override the layer's original color.


Type SCI-FI CLUB in uppercase, and set the text layer's Position to 160, 135.

Creating the title


Apply Effect > BCC3 Distortion & Perspective > BCC Sphere to the SCI-FI CLUB layer.


Turn on the effect's Drop Shadow On property, and set the Shadow Distance to 10. Expand the effect's Faces group, and set the value of Faces to Front.


At time 3:00, add a Spin keyframe in the effect's Geometry group with a value of 0x-180. This positions the first letters in the text layer along the right side of the sphere so the title can be read from left to right as the globe spins.


Press End to go to time 9:29, and change the Spin value to 0x135.0.


Set the Scale property in the Geometry group to 130. This makes the text-wrapped sphere larger than the solid-wrapped sphere, so the type appears to float above the stormy orb. The distance gives the overall scene a greater sense of depth.

Settings for the BCC3 Sphere effect

Adding style to the orbiting title

Now you'll use the Ramp and Bevel Alpha effects to add a color gradient and substance to the type:


Apply Effect > Render > Ramp to the SCI-FI CLUB layer.


To equally divide the effect's color gradient between the top and bottom halves of the letters, apply these settings:

Start of Ramp: 160, 116

End of Ramp: 160, 137

Start Color: Royal blue (#1301FF)

End Color: Bright yellow (# ECFB02)

Ramp Shape: Linear Ramp

Set the effect's remaining two properties to 0.


To add some depth to the letters, apply Effect > Perspective > Bevel Alpha to the SCI-FI CLUB layer with these settings:

Edge Thickness: 3.3

Light Intensity: 1.0

Light Angle: 0 x -60

Light Color: #FFFFFF

The stylized title

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