RCPT TO: <e-mail address> command, role in SMTP, 319

RealProxy, extending, 309

role in .NET Remoting architecture, 203-204

ref attribute

for formatters and providers in configuration files, 103

role in <channels> tag for configuration files, 101

reference counting, explanation of, 135

RegisterServer() method, role in .NET Remoting connections, 344

rejectRemoteRequests attribute, role in HTTP channels for configuration files, 102

remote components, hosting with Windows services, 113-114

remote events, troubleshooting, 195-196

remote interface, defining for MarshalByRefObject in Singleton mode, 15-16

remote objects

activation example, 40-41

advisory about, 391

calling methods on, 52

creating with RemotingHelper class, 185-186

instantiating, 186-187

managing with .NET remoting, 11

versus mobile objects, 1

remote SAOs, creating references to, 187

remote sponsors, explanation of, 156

remoteable types, sharing information about, 78


evolution of, 3-7

explanation of, 1

five elements of, 201-202

scenarios for implementation of, 2

remoting applications, preparing for development of, 14-15

remoting behavior, reasons for changing of, 249

remoting configuration files, structure of, 99

remoting events

explanation of, 185-187

problems with, 187-191

remoting proxies, customizing, 309-310

Remotingonfiguration.Configure() method, calling, 88-89

RemotingHelper class, creating remote objects with, 185-186

RemotingServices.Marshal(), using with published objects, 36-37


property, explanation of, 136

reply messages, handling with .NET Remoting Framework, 341

replySink, role in asynchronous IMessageSink processing, 223

request and response message contents, dumping with custom proxies, 312-314

request streams, verifying compression of, 263

responses, handling with .NET Remoting Framework, 340

RETR message_number command, role in POP3, 321

RFCs (Requests for Comment), 318

for APOP command, 320

for Base64 character encoding, 321

for SMTP protocol, 318

roles, checking, 128-131

runtime information, passing, 286-299

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