C# code

generating with SoapSuds, 94

for versioning client-activated objects, 172-173

calls, intercepting with ContextAttributes, 379

CAOs (client-activated objects)

enabling for server-side channels, 360

explanation of, 38

implementing different lifetimes for, 49-50

and ObjRef object, 204, 206-207

versus SAOs, 206

specifying in server-side configuration files, 107-108

using <client> property with, 109

using with server-side sponsors, 160

chains of providers

creating sinks from, 241

role in client-side sinks, 239

chains of sinks, defining in configuration files, 237-238


examining basic implementation of, 347-348

registering for clients in MarshalByRefObject in Singleton mode, 20

returning base URLs for, 359

wrapping, 366-369

<channels> tag, using with configuration files, 100-102

character encoding, essentials of, 321


locating, 137

client-activated objects, versioning, 172-174

client assemblies, explanation of, 15

client channels, implementing, 346-350

client-side keepalive thread, starting, 160

client-side messaging. See also messages, server-side messaging

examples of, 214-216

versus server-side messaging, 217

client-side PriorityEmitterSink code, 289-292

client-side sink providers, creating, 258-260

client-side sinks. See also server-side sinks, sinks

configuring for encryption, 281

creating, 239-243

diagram with compression sink, 250

implementing for compression sinks, 251-255

versus server-side sinks, 257

client-side sponsors

advisory about, 149, 155

registering to avoid premature termination of objects, 154-155

using, 150-155, 150-155

client-side synchronous message handling, diagram of, 205

<client> property, role in configuration files, 108-109


appearance before call to SOAP formatter, 233

appearance before first sink is called, 232

contents in asynchronous requests, 229

clientConnectionLimit attribute

role in HTTP channels for configuration files, 101

using with delegates, 179

ClientContextTerminatorSink, explanation of, 215

ClientProviders and ServerProviders properties, role in configuration files, 102-106


accessing client-activated objects with, 41

advisory about distributing SAO implementations to, 44

advisory when using events with, 187

building for versioned SAOs, 167

calling timed-out CAO with, 50-51

creating for synchronous calls, 55-57

creating providers for, 350-355

creating sinks for, 350-355

developing for versioned SAOs, 170-172

enabling connections to assemblies, 170

example for SingleCall SAO, 32

implementing for asynchronous oneway calls, 64-67

implementing for MarshalByRefObject in Singleton mode, 20-22, 24-25

implementing for nonwrapped proxy metadata, 84-86

implementing for SoapSudsgenerated metadata, 81-82

implementing with asynchronous calls, 61-63

pinging server-side sponsors with, 157-158

role in configuration files, 96-98

role in sample multiserver configuration, 70-71

using binary encoding via HTTP with, 105

using factory design pattern with, 46-47

using wrapper functions with, 184

command-line operations, advisory about, 40, 163

compressed streams, creating class for, 253-254

compression library, Web site for, 251

compression of request streams, verifying, 263

compression sinks

creating, 250-251

extending, 263-268

implementing client-side sinks for, 251-255

configuration filenames, defaults for, 89

configuration files

benefits of, 87

changing after using SoapSuds -gc with SAO, 182

defining chain of sinks in, 237-238

effect of typos on, 97

example for lifetime management, 147-148

placing sinks in, 261-262

role of <client> property in, 108-109

role of versioning behavior in, 104-105

using, 88-89, 95-98

using <activated> property with, 107-108, 110

using <channels> tag with, 100-102

using <lifetime> tag with, 99

using <service> property with, 106

using <wellknown> property with, 106-107, 109-110

using binary encoding via HTTP with, 105

using formatters and providers with, 103-104

using HTTP channel with, 101-102

using with Windows services, 115

configuration options, standards for, 99-102

console applications, deploying servers as, 111

ConstructionCall messages versus MethodCall, 207

content replies, role in POP3 conversions, 320

ContextAttribute, intercepting calls with, 379

ContextBoundObject class code, 383-384


creating, 378-387

explanation of, 246

CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) remoting framework, evolution of, 4-5

core modules, preparing for transport-channel examples, 372


calling on client-side channels, 242

role in implementing client channels, 349

CreateSink() method, implementing, 258-260

CrossContextChannel, explanation of, 220

csc.exe command-line compiler, advisory about, 94

custom proxies, using, 308-315

Customer Class, creating for MarshalByRefObject in Singleton mode, 16-17

Customer data, validating, 22-25

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