D units for <lifetime> tag attributes, explanation of, 99, 137

DATA code, role in SMTP, 319

data objects, defining for MarshalByRefObject in Singleton mode, 16-17

data serialization, role in .NET Remoting, 13

DateTime instance variables, benefits of adding to server-side sponsors, 156

DCE/RPC (Distributed Computing Environment)/Remote Procedure Calls remoting framework, evolution of, 4

DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) remoting framework, evolution of, 5

DELE message_number command, role in POP3, 321


advisory about implementation of, 180-181

advisory about using events with, 187, 190

declaring for asynchronous calls, 58-59

example of, 60-61

explanation of, 58

invoking without [OneWay] methods, 197-198

managing with .NET Remoting messages, 340-341

shipping destination assemblies to callers for, 191-196

using for asynchronous calls, 179

using with new clients, 61-63

using with SoapSuds-generated DLLs, 180-181

using with wrapper methods, 184-185

DeleteMessage() method, using with POP3, 330

dictionary keys for sample method call message, list of, 209

DispatchChannelSink, explanation of, 220

displayName attribute

role in <channels> tag for configuration files, 101

using with <client> property for configuration files, 109

using with <wellknown> property for configuration files, 107, 109-110

distributed reference counting, explanation of, 135

.dll extension, advisory regarding configuration files, 97

DLLs (dynamic link libraries), using with SAOs, 29

DomainSpecificRemotingData, using with ServerContextTerminatorSin, 221

dynamic sinks

functionality of, 215

using, 246-247

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