work with shapes

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Now we'll begin to punch up the visual design of the flyer. We'll start by drawing several shapes.

Select Arrange > Send to Back to move the rectangle behind the text.

Our next rectangle will be placed inline so that it moves with text.

Copy the rectangle to the clipboard (Edit > Copy or -).

Next we'll move the text from the preceding sentence into the rectangle so that the rectangle serves as a background for the text.

Double-click the rectangle to place the insertion point inside it.

Choose Edit > Paste (-) to insert the text.

A clipping indicator will appear on the outline.

Click anywhere in the page to deselect the rectangle.

Finally, let's add a rule to the bottom of the page.

Click Objects in the toolbar.

Turn on the Layout view (View > Show Layout) to serve as a guide.

Turn off the Layout view and press Save. In the Save As dialog, navigate to your working files folder and give the file a name. Press Save.

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