Working with Calendars

When you showed up for work this morning and turned on your computer, one of the first things you probably did was check your email. After that, you likely checked your calendar to see what appointments you had for the day. With GroupWise, the integration of the email interface with the Calendar system makes it very easy to do most of your communications and scheduling with one program. As you saw in Chapter 1, "Introduction to GroupWise 7," switching from email to the calendar is as simple as clicking the Calendar folder.

With the calendar's built-in views, you can instantly display calendar items, such as appointments and tasks. Later in this chapter, you learn how to change your view to one that suits your needs.

To use the GroupWise Calendar system most effectively, you need to understand the difference between the various calendar items. The calendar keeps track of three different kinds of personal reminders: posted appointments, posted reminder notes, and posted tasks.

Table 6.1 explains the different calendar items.

Table 6.1. GroupWise 7 Calendar Items



Posted appointments

Personal meetings and events on a certain date with a start time and an end time (duration)

Posted reminder notes

Personal reminders for a certain date

Posted tasks

Personal task entries that appear as check box entries in your calendar from the start date through the due date, with a priority level

Note the distinction between personal calendar items (posted) and group calendar items. Posted items are not sent to anyone; you post them to your own calendar. Group items are sent to other people in much the same way you send email messages. Group calendaring is discussed in Chapter 7, "Group Calendaring and Task Management." Also remember that you can create these calendar items on any of your multiple calendars.

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