About GroupWise

The Help, About GroupWise screen, shown in Figure C.3, is useful when you are troubleshooting problems with GroupWise.

Figure C.3. The About GroupWise screen provides useful system information.

The Program Release line shows you the exact version and release date of the GroupWise client you are running, as well as the location from which you are running the client (such as your local hard drive or a network location).

The Username line shows your GroupWise user ID and your GroupWise file ID. (The file ID is used to identify which files in the GroupWise post office message repository relate to your GroupWise mailbox. This information is useful for support personnel working on GroupWise system-level problems.)

The Post Office line specifies in which post office your GroupWise mailbox is located. Depending on your GroupWise system's configuration, there may be many post offices within your organization.

The TCP/IP Address and TCP/IP Port lines define where the GroupWise client is connected in online mode. If running in remote or cache mode, the client will report "Path to Post Office" with the path to your cache or remote mailbox.

Novell GroupWise 7 User's Handbook
Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook
ISBN: 0672327899
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 213
Authors: Eric Raff

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