Customizing the Toolbar

You can customize the Toolbar to include the functions and features you use frequently, and you can arrange them in the order that makes the most sense to you.

Toolbars can appear in many different GroupWise screens. You have the option of seeing a Toolbar for each message view and for the main GroupWise screen, and you can set different options for each.

To customize any Toolbar, right-click the Toolbar and select Customize Toolbar. The Toolbar Properties screen appears, as shown in Figure 11.23.

Figure 11.23. Customizing GroupWise toolbars.

The Show tab enables you to select what should be displayed on the Toolbaronly the picture or both the picture and text. If you prefer larger icons, select the Picture and Text option that is larger in size. You can also specify one or multiple rows. In addition, you can select whether to display the Display Mode drop-down list and Item and Folder context toolbars in the Toolbar. By default, these items are not displayed.

The Customize tab, shown in Figure 11.24, enables you to specify which GroupWise features appear on the Toolbar.

Figure 11.24. The Customize tab allows you to place the buttons you use most often on the Toolbar for quick, one-click access.

Follow these steps to add a menu option to the Toolbar:


Click the category the feature belongs to (for example, the Tools category contains options for the Address Book and Hit the Road tools).


Double-click the button you want on the Toolbar. The button then appears on the Toolbar.


Click and drag the button to your desired location on the Toolbar.

In the Toolbar Properties screen, you can arrange the existing Toolbar buttons by clicking and dragging them to the desired locations. To remove a button from the Toolbar, click the button and drag it off the Toolbar.

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