Chapter 9


How are Cisco SWAN and Mobile IP complementary?


Answer: A Mobile Node benefits from Cisco SWAN's Fast Secure Roaming when accessing a WLAN network and maintains its communication when moving to other access networks, such as cellular or fixed Ethernet using Mobile IP.


The AAA-based key-generation mechanism delivers keys to which mobility entities?


Answer: The AAA server generates the MN-FA authentication key to the Foreign Agent and/or the MN-HA authentication key to the Home Agent. The message from the AAA server also contains the information for the Mobile Node to generate the same key, derived from the MN-AAA shared key.


What is a major hurdle to route optimization?


Answer: A major hurdle is a method to secure the signaling between the Mobile Node and CN, which are strangers. The Return Routability procedure is the standard method of obtaining the key to protect the control message.


Name the message that conveys the location of the Mobile Node to the Home Agent or CN?


Answer: The Binding Update message is sent by the Mobile Node to inform the Home Agent and CN of its location. This creates a binding cache entry that directs packets to the registered Care-of Address to reach the Mobile Node.


What is the benefit of Hierarchical Mobile IP?


Answer: The benefit is that the minimized signaling is confined within the region between the Mobility Anchor Point (MAP) and Mobile Node. The data traffic is redirected to the new location by the MAP, thereby reducing packet loss that might have been incurred by the additional latency if the RRQ had to traverse the distance to the HA.


Identify the fundamental difference between MANET and Mobile IP?

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    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
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