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UDP (User Datagram Protocol) versus TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), 125

UHCI (Universal Host Controller Interface), usage with USB controllers, 309-310

uninstalled packages, querying with RPM, 60-61. See also installed packages, packages


history of, 3-4

resource for history of, 14

as trademark, 5

versions of, 4

UNIX FAQ, locating, 14

Unix flavors, tracing with init program, 42-43

up2date program

versus apt-get program, 145, 150

explanation of, 68

update-inetd program, using with Debian GNU/Linux, 168

update-rc.d tool, using with Debian GNU/Linux, 158-159

upgradepkg command, using with Slackware Linux, 109

USB devices

core framework of, 309

device-specific drivers for, 310

digital cameras used with, 310-311

flash card readers used with, 311

kernel hotplug for, 310

MP3 players used with, 312

USB Host controller driver for, 309-310

USB host controller driver, explanation of, 309-310

user libraries, configuring software with, 184-185

user parameter of xinetd configuration file, role in CVS and Red Hat Linux installation, 270-271

/usr directory

Red Hat comments about, 70-71

separation from root directories, 40

typical contents of, 39

/usr/local directory

installing software into, 178

versus /opt directory, 179

Red Hat comments about, 70

/usr/local/etc directory, contents of, 37

/usr/local/java script example, 345-346

/usr/src/linux-2.4 symbolic link, explanation of, 95

/usr/src/redhat directory, using as software installation tool, 189-190

util-linux core library package, usage with Red Hat Linux 7/3, 85

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Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
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