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In this redbook, we provide information and guidelines on how to deploy Linux on IBM eServer pSeries clusters. Subsequent chapters cover these topics:

  • Chapter 2, "System installation" on page 5

    This chapter contains important information you need to install Linux on pSeries systems. Pre-installation steps, installation procedures, hardware information including firmware basics, network installation, and post-installation checks are discussed.

  • Chapter 3, "System administration" on page 95

    After the installation of Linux on a pSeries cluster, administration of such an environment requires special attention. This chapter includes information on the Logical Volume Manager (LVM), file systems, local user management, RPM management and updates, system updates, system backups , and user administration using LDAP.

  • Chapter 4, "Linux for pSeries RAS and problem determination" on page 163

    This chapter provides information on the IBM diagnostics tools, systems logs, event logging, Linux rescue methods , and on the performance monitoring necessary to keep your system healthy . Additional tips are included to help you troubleshoot your system in the event that problems occur in your cluster.

  • Chapter 6, "Getting started with GPFS" on page 279

    This chapter introduces GPFS and describes the RSCT peer domain, GPFS installation and basic configuration, GPFS on a CSM cluster, and GPFS problem determination.

  • Chapter 5, "Cluster Systems Management (CSM)" on page 211

    For a Linux cluster, CSM provides the capability to manage many nodes from one single point of control. The topics discussed in this chapter are CSM concepts and architectures, planning, installation, configuration, administration, and CSM interoperability.

  • Chapter 7, "High Performance Computing case studies" on page 303 and Chapter 8, "Commercial application case studies" on page 361

    In these chapters, we provide information on HPC and commercial applications.

    Note : These chapters do not include or discuss all the applications that can be deployed on Linux on pSeries clusters, so to obtain detailed information on all the applications that are supported, contact your IBM representative or visit the IBM Linux Web site:


  • Appendix A, "Linux for AIX system administrators" on page 417 and Appendix B, "Feature comparison" on page 423

Additional information to help you to successfully deploy Linux on pSeries servers is included on the appendix sections of this publication.

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Quintero - Deploying Linux on IBM E-Server Pseries Clusters
Quintero - Deploying Linux on IBM E-Server Pseries Clusters
Year: 2003
Pages: 108

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