Chapter16.Using Project and Resource Centers

Chapter 16. Using Project and Resource Centers


  • Understanding the Project Center

  • Understanding the Resource Center

  • Best Practices

This chapter presents information about using the Project and Resource Centers in the context of analysis and prioritization of projects and resources to align with your corporate strategy.

To use the functionality of Microsoft Office Project 2003 to its full extent, it is important for you to understand the roles of project and resource information. The Project Center is designed to provide project information to several roles, such as executives, project managers, resource managers, and so on. The Resource Center is more specific to those managing a collection of resources such as executives and resources managers.

Views are created for these centers to help you understand your collection of projects and resources. You may especially want to build views in Project Center to see status, budget, return on investment, and prioritization data for projects that can roll up to a particular category of your project portfolio.

This chapter also discusses in detail the various features available to you in the Project and Resource Centers and how you can leverage them to complete numerous tasks.

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