Updating and Revising Timesheets

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Project Web Access has several features that allow project managers to approve, update, and modify timesheets submitted by team members . This section describes those features so you can understand how timesheet data can be updated to tasks within project schedules.

Approving Timesheets Prior to Updating Schedules


Project Web Access 2003 now provides a new feature that enables staff managers to review timesheets before the information is updated into the project schedules. This new feature allows a manager to review submitted timesheets and either Accept or Reject each task entry.

Timesheet entries that are accepted are sent to the project manager for final update into the project schedule. Timesheet data that is rejected is returned to the team member for revisions and resubmission.

See "Approved Timesheets" on p. 1080 in Chapter 27 for more information about approving timesheets before updating schedules.

Timesheet Lockdown Periods


Project Web Access 2003 now provides a new feature that allows the administrator to control time periods when timesheets can be updated. The purpose of this new feature is to prevent modifications or updates to timesheet information without the specific permissions to do so. The key benefit is to ensure that timesheet data is managed in a controlled way that is consistent with strong project and cost management principles.

Timesheet lockdown periods are controlled within the Project Web Access Admin functions under the Customize Project Web Access Tracking Settings menu. Figure 28.10 shows an example of how specific time periods can be Open or Closed for timesheet entry.

Figure 28.10. Project Web Access Admin settings to lock down timesheet periods.


Timesheet lockdown periods can only be enabled when the time-tracking setting is set to Hours Worked per Day for the Time Period. If you have selected another tracking mode and you also want to control locked out time periods, then you will see a warning message, as shown in Figure 28.11, when you attempt to save the time-tracking settings.

Figure 28.11. Warning message for setting locked time periods.


After the Project Web Access time lockdown periods have been established, team members are prevented from entering timesheet actual work for Time periods that are marked as Closed. When a team member examines his or her individual timesheet, they will see the Closed time periods grayed out for the locked date ranges. This prevents them from modifying data for those periods.

You can use this timesheet lockdown feature to freeze past timesheet submissions or lock out future timesheet periods. This allows you to create a moving window of time when timesheet entry is allowed.


You should consider creating business processes to establish when timesheets can be submitted. Those processes should also address any need to modify timesheet data that falls within a Closed period.

Revising Timesheet Data


Project Web Access 2003 now provides a new feature that allows staff managers to modify timesheet data after it has been submitted by team members. If you are a manager with appropriate Project Web Access permissions, then you can use the Adjust Actuals menu functions within the Resource Center.

There are two general approaches to revising timesheet data in Project Web Access. The Adjust Actuals function is used when Managed Time Periods is active and the timesheet period has been Closed. The second method permits team members to go back to the time period in question, make any revisions to the timesheet then resubmit the revised task updates. This method can only be used if the time period is still Open or Managed Time Periods is not active.

See the section "Adjusting Actuals" on p. 1080 in Chapter 27 for more information about adjusting timesheet actual work values.

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