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Changing Column Widths in a Report


When I preview a report, several of the columns are too wide for the data being displayed. How can I reduce the width of the columns ?

Identify which table supplies the data for the report by selecting the icon for the report in the Reports dialog box. Click the Edit button. The Edit dialog box that appears shows the name of the table used by the report. Close the dialog boxes. Choose View, Table (any possibly More Tables) to select and display the table on which the report is based. Then change the width of the columns on screen as needed. The new column widths will be used the next time you run the report.

Applying Filters to Reports

When I apply a task filter before running a report, Project ignores the filter and shows all the tasks anyway. What's the trouble?

Any filter that has been applied to the view has no impact on the filter that is used with the report. Instead of filtering the view, you should customize the report design to include the filter.

Distributing Reports Based on Custom Tables

I created a report based on a custom table and copied it into another user 's file by using the Organizer. Now whenever she runs the report, she gets an error that says table...on which it is based has been deleted . Did I do something wrong?

When you use the Organizer to copy the custom report to another file, you must also copy the custom table used by that report to the other file as well. Without the custom table, the custom report has no data source.

If your report also requires a custom filter that you have created, be sure to copy that filter to the other file, too.

Undoing Changes to a Predefined Report

I've modified one of the existing Project reports. I want to keep my modified report, but I also want the original report to be available to use later. What should I do?

Access the Custom category of reports, by selecting View, Reports. Click the Copy button in the Custom Reports dialog box to make a copy of the report you modified, and then rename the copy. Then, by clicking the Organizer button in the Custom Reports dialog box, access the Global template. Copy the report from the Global template to your project file. You have now modified your report and have also reset the original report. For more information on using the Organizer and the Global template, see Chapter 4, ">Managing Project Files."

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