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Printing Project Statistics


I need to generate a report, but I don't seem to be able to print out the information in Project Statistics dialog box. Am I doing something wrong?

In the Overview Report category, choose the Project Summary report. It provides a one-page snapshot view of a project, and it shows the same information that is displayed in the Project Statistics dialog box.

Compare Version's Use of User -Defined Fields

When I try to compare cost information by using Compare Versions, not all the information shows up in the comparison project. How can I get all the cost information I need?

Because there are a limited number of user-defined fields available and Compare Project uses several of these fields for each type of information in its comparison, some of the information may not be included. For instance, if you select the Task Cost table for comparison purposes, Project takes advantage of user-defined Cost fields for the comparison report. The Cost table includes 6 fields with cost values, but Project only allows use of the first 3 Cost fields in the table. The reason for this limitation is that 18 user-defined cost fields would be needed, but only 10 are available. In the Cost table, Project applies Cost1 ”Cost9 to the Fixed Cost, Total Cost, and Baseline Cost fields, for comparison purposes. Project uses Text1 ”Text3 for Fixed Cost Accrual. Therefore, you should create a custom table for comparing the Cost Variance, Actual Cost, and Remaining Cost fields if a comparison is necessary. This is the case for any table where the number of fields outnumbers available user-defined fields.

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