Finalizing the Plan

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Once the project is realigned within the stated strategic objectives, it is a good idea to check spelling, and then create and distribute reports .

Checking for Spelling Errors


Before you distribute any project information to colleagues or clients , it is a good idea to run a spell check on the file. Microsoft Project has a spelling checker that you can use to verify spelling in all name , note, and special text fields for tasks , resources, and assignments. To check spelling, click the Spelling button on the standard toolbar.

Distributing Copies of a Project via Email

As part of the review process, you might want to let others review the project schedule. One way to accomplish this is to electronically distribute a copy of the project file. You can send it directly to each person who needs to review it, or you can route a single copy of the file sequentially from one person to another.

To send a copy of the file to one person or a group of people, choose File, Send To, Mail Recipient (As Attachment). You then complete the addressing information just as you would with any other email. To route a copy of the file through a series of people, choose File, Send To, Routing Recipient. A routing slip appears, on which you identify the order in which the recipients review the file.


This chapter introduces a variety of ways to modify the display of the project plan to explain it to others, to identify potential problems, and to improve its efficiency. Chapter 13, "Printing Views and Reports," shows how to transfer a project plan onto paper.

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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003
Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003
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