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Q. So are you saying I'm ready? Ready to create games ?


A. You're mighty close. With the stuff you picked up in this chapter, you have all the inter-activity you can want in a game. But stay tunedyou still need to learn how to program the mouse and some sound effects.


Q. What if I don't know the ASCII code for a character I want to use?


A. Simple, look it up in the ASCII table that's in Appendix A.


Q. When would you install a listener instead of using the rest of the Key object methods ?


A. I would use a listener in a case where the speed of the computer is important. If you have a heavy game and it's running on a slow computer, then there is a good chance that there will be some input delay. If you install a listener, you can guarantee that your key press won't be missed.


Q. So are you saying a key listener is better than using anything else?


A. They are more reliable but not necessarily betterit always depends on the situation and the game.

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